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Meet Fur The Brand's Board Members!

On Monday, June 21st Fur The Brand hosted our first official Board Meeting! We are so excited to have them "on board" as we continue to grow in our first year. Fur The Brand values the experience, hard work, and expertise that each member brings to the table and we look forward to working with them!

Bridget Davis is Owner/Lead Planner at Bridget Davis Events, Destinations by Design, and

Mirth & Myrrh. She planned and executed our FURST Dinner Fur The Dogs flawlessly and we are so excited for the next. Bridget will be involved in all things Fur The Brand events.

Brandy Allen-Harveth is Owner of Patron Saint Indy, The Saint Shack, and Keepin it Deep. She brings an amazing network and years of experience as a successful business owner downtown Indianapolis. Brandy is a loyal supporter of Fur The Brand and we are so excited to have her passion and drive on board!

Rachel Hickey is Dr. of Digital Marketing at Pulp Functions. As a (mostly) digital nonprofit, we couldn't be more excited about that! Rachel also brings great knowledge and experience as she is the President of another Indianapolis 501c3.

It was very clear that we selected an amazing group of women to continue driving Fur The Brand in the right direction! Say hello and stay tuned!

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