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"Without the financial assistance we would have struggled to afford and possibly would have elected to not go forward with treatment because of the overwhelming costs."

"You have no idea what hope this gives our family. The financial assistance helps us focus on giving Jack the love he needs!”


"This is truly a blessing. This funding will allow us to get the necessary scans and testing done so we can see how progressed his cancer is and start treatment. I will be forever grateful to Fur The Brand for the help during a rough time.”

"Tears are rolling down my face in happiness knowing I’ll be able to have

my boy Angus and my daughter will have her best friend."

"I did not have the $10,000 for his radiation treatment. I am extremely frugal with myself and don't believe in living in debt but I literally put his treatment for radiation on my credit card. I was thinking this morning how am I going to pay for the two more payments? I got your email and I honestly did not have the money to do the last two radiation appointments that are around $2,420. I am so grateful. Such a gift."


"Through the help of Fur the Brand, Bear was able to receive the radiation treatments that he needed!! Without Fur the Brand, I would not have been able to afford the radiation. Bear is still going through his treatments, so it is too early to determine the outcome, but I know Bear is getting excellent care and he would not have had a chance without the radiation treatments. Today, Bear is playful and active! Thank you very much to Fur the Brand for your generous support as well as your love towards dogs!"

"Receiving financial assistance is helping to save my dog's life! There is no way I could afford this surgery by myself, and I am feeling so grateful that Fur the Brand is funding this needed surgery.”


"You helped save our family's dog. She has been there for my kids and I through a lot including dealing with my mother who has been diagnosed with stage four cancer same time as Sadie."


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