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Updated: Jan 20, 2021

The plan has always been to start Fur The Brand back up after becoming Mrs. McAfee... well team, 3 planned weddings (one successful), Covid, a couple more pets, @patmcafeeshow's WWE debut, and a year and a half later.. I am Mrs. McAfee and Fur The Brand is officially up and running! I was worried I had to have everything in place and organized before starting it back up but after thinking, then over thinking, I decided to take you all with me on the journey. I would like to think of the #FurTheBrand following as a team! We are in this "making animals lives better" thing together!

Fur The Brand is a women led foundation on a mission to improve the lives of all at risk animals.. and their parents, fosters, advocates, animal lovers, fur friends, etc. You get it.. For now, if everybody could go follow @furthebrand that would make my heart so happy! Also feel free to email us or tag us to your fur baby's adoption story. Please include a photo and your instagram handle so that we can tag you and share your story!

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Stu Pendous
Stu Pendous
May 03, 2021

"it's great, to be great" $20

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